MAC Unsung Heroes: Paramount Lipstick

As silly as it seems to get emotional about a lipstick, I got verklempt when I sat down to compose about today’s MAC Unsung Hero, Paramount Lipstick ($14.50), since it’s been a such a essential color in my makeup life.

My BFF introduced me to it about 15 years back in college; considering that then it’s been on my lips or by my side (literally, in a handbag or a pants pocket) with a few of the most crucial moments of my life.


In the living space at my parent’s house, I’m using it in a graduation photo taken a few seconds after I walked across the stage to get my diploma. The color likewise holds the distinction of being the extremely very first MAC product I ever bought (shout-out to the MAC Arden fair counter in Sacramento!).

When I pulled out Paramount this morning it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Wait — not like that. I indicate that I realized I must add it to my listing of MAC Unsung Heroes.


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42 $

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Plus, hello! — it’s a best color for fall!

Technically, MAC classifies deep, dark reddish brown Paramount as having a Satin finish, however I believe it looks a lot more like a matte on me.

Dark brown matte lips hogged the spotlight in the mid-’90s (gloss was all however MIA), as well as it wasn’t unusual for gals to wear Paramount year round (I did). These days, though, it’s a lot more of a autumn shade for me. I believe it looks ideal at house with the darker plums as well as reds that I like to wear when the leaves change.

One of the things that has always made Paramount stick out to me is its touch of red. Some brown lipsticks look extremely flat on my lips, however Paramount’s reddish undertones provide it depth as well as make it a bit a lot more fascinating to me.

I’ve used the color so lots of times that I might most likely apply it from the tube while hanging upside down with my eyes closed, however if you aren’t accustomed to using darker lipsticks, you may want to get hold of a lip clean and/or a lip pencil (one option: the reddish brown MAC Lip Pencil in Mahogany, $14.50) to assist corral the pigment into place.

Paramount lasts all the time long on my lips (even with several meals, although I have observed that when I wear it day in, day out, the formula can be drying. My lips crave a great deal of moisture, so I normally prep them with a balm. Whenever I plan to wear Paramount, before I begin putting on my makeup, I’ll apply a bit of Clinque Superbalm in Grapefruit first. when that sinks in, I’ll do the rest of my face, as well as then when I get to my lips, I normally kiss the back of my hand to blot away the balm before applying a layer or two of Paramount.

If you’re trying to find a few magnificent autumn lipsticks, think about Paramount next time you go to MAC.

Your friendly community appeal addict,



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